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18 Nordic Style Living Rooms

Nordic style refers to the artistic design styles (mainly referring to interior design and industrial product design) of countries in northern Europe, such as Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Iceland. The Nordic style of design was originated from the design style in Scandinavia, so it is also known as The Scandinavian style, which has the characteristics of simplicity, nature and humanity.

The Nordic style is well known for its simplicity and has influenced the later minimalist styles of design. In the rise of industrial design styles in the 20th century, the Nordic style has become one of the most favourable design styles around the globe, and its idea of simplicity and minimalism has been pushed to the extreme.

Generally speaking, modern Nordic style can be divided into three schools, which are distinguished by different regional cultures: Swedish design, Danish design, and Finnish modern design. The three schools are collectively called as Nordic style design.

Here are the 18 examples of the Nordic style living room:


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