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5 Different Houses with European Minimalist Interior Designs

Minimalism has become one of the popular interior design styles nowadays. This trend started during the 20th century and early 21st century. From its name, we can already know that minimalists are all about living with less, and it advocates the ideology of "less is more". European minimalist interior design, whereas, is a design adapted to the European way of living in which certain European cultural aspects or elements can be found in this style of design. Unlike Americans, Europeans predominantly focus on simplicity when it comes to interior design and avoid the mass-consumption mentality of buying everything that is offered.

The followings are the 5 different houses with European minimalist interior designs:

1. Living, dining, and leisure areas of a compact apartment.


2. Living and dining areas of a landed house.


3. Living hall of a loft.


4. Leisure and dining areas of a double-storey wood house.


5. The living hall, dining area, island counter, and dry kitchen of a European-style villa.



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