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Inside the Apple Park, corporate HQ of Apple Inc.🍎

Apple Inc. unveiled four iPhone 12 models during its "Hi, Speed." Apple Event on 13th October 2020. In previous years, this highly anticipated reveal took place in September, but due to the supply chain issues amid the Covid-19 pandemic, the tech giant was forced to push it back. The followings are the summary of the event.

Event highlights:

  • The iPhone 12 will come in four variants: iPhone 12 Mini, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max.

  • The iPhone 12 will have 5G connectivity in all variants and a new chip, the A14 Bionic, or "the fastest chip ever in an iPhone" Apple calls it.

  • The Homepod mini is Apple's latest smart speaker.

  • A charger and headphones will NOT come together with its iPhone 12, only a USB-C-to-Lightning charging cable is provided.

  • The new MagSafe charger for iPhone 12 and the built-in magnets allow effortless attachment and faster wireless charging. Click here to view more MagSafe accessories.


Apple Park

Apart from the main focus of the event, which is the iPhone 12, netizens also get the chance to catch a glimpse of the Apple Park through this virtual event. Apple Park is the latest corporate headquarters of Apple Inc. It has replaced the original headquarters at 1 Infinite Loop, and it was opened to employees in April 2017. Apple Park is located at One Apple Park Way in Cupertino, California, United States, totalling 175 acres (71 hectares).

Its giant ring-shaped building designed by Foster + Partners has earned a media nickname called "the spaceship". This building holds approximately 12,000 employees with its built-up area of roughly 2,800,000 square feet.

More than 80 per cent of the site consists of green space planted with drought-resistant trees and plants indigenous to the Cupertino area, and the center courtyard of the main building features an artificial pond.

Besides, "The Ring" also uses natural ventilation to aid in making it the greenest office building in the world, needing no heating or cooling for nine months out of the year. To further Apple Inc.'s green initiatives, it has also partnered with First Solar Inc. to provide 130MW of clean energy to campus and surrounding buildings.

The followings are some interior views of certain parts of "The Ring":


Some other notable buildings in the Apple Park:

Steve Jobs Theater Pavilion

The Steve Jobs Theater is a 165-foot diameter circular glass building with no visible supports. It features the world largest carbon-fibre roof weighing 80-tonnes. Underneath the glass structure, underground, is an auditorium that seats 1,000 people.


Apple Park Visitor Center

The Apple Park Visitor Center has opened its doors to the public in November 2017. This building is divided into 4 sections: a 10,000 square-foot Apple Store, a 2000 square-foot cafe, an observation deck, and an area for Augmented Reality (AR) experience.


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