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42 Best Modern Bathroom Design Ideas in 2020

Bathroom is a room that typically contains toilet, bathtub, shower, wash basin, and sometimes washer and dryer (for those that integrate the laundry area together with the bathroom). Bathroom is an important place in your home as it is where personal hygiene activities take place. Hence, it should be clean and tidy. But it does not always need to be purely functional. In fact, we could decorate and pamper such important but boring place into a personal space with a nice, creative, and comfortable atmosphere. So, here are the 42 best modern bathroom design ideas that could spark your creativity and inspire you to remodel or renovate your ideal bathroom, from crisp and approachable to luxurious and extra.

1. Modern industrial style.

2. Luxurious. Glamorous spectrum reflecting over all the surfaces.

3. Natural Japanese style.

4. Affordable luxury bathroom with a bright colour scheme.

5. Contrasting colours used between two areas, the shower area and the toilet.

6. Simple and spacious.

7. Grey and white.

8. Dark-themed semi-outdoor bathroom.

9. Dark colour scheme.

10. Classy.

11. White and marble.

12. Timeless black-coloured bathroom design.

13. Minimalistic and contrasting design.

14. Modern and cosy.

15. Modern Italian bathroom decoration and design.

16. Bathroom and laundry room in one.

17. Marble-lover.

18. Warm and comfortable.

19. One of the best Nordic-style design ideas.

20. Great idea to separate washbasin, bathtub, and shower area.

21. Homey feel.

22. Artistic.

23. Cute and simple.

24. Special.

25. Snowy white.

26. Sharp.

27. Futuristic.

28. Matt metallic sanitary wares, washbasin, and bathtub just look fantastic.

29. Dark and reflecting.

30. Natural.

31. A wonderful dark bathroom that looks modern and creative.

32. Green and white minimalistic.

33. Nature-inspired.

34. Red-coloured cabinet stands out. Overall, it still looks great fitting in the entire design.

35. Classical layout and design. Conservative colour tone, but it looks nice timelessly.

36. Glamorous gold decorations.

37. Stunning bathroom design decorated with a huge white marble containing blood-red stripes and a luxurious chandelier.

38. White and simple. Tiny bathroom design.

39. Mix to innovate.

40. Scandinavian style.

41. A spacious bathroom with a fabulous view outside of the huge French window.

42. Warm and artistic.


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